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Why Work with Rebecca?

I really enjoy what I do!

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While this enthusiasm may sound like a platitude, I genuinely mean it.  If the term ‘nerd’ just entered your head, you probably aren’t too far off the mark.  In fact, I often tell people I think I must have the best job in the world:  I make a living helping others, teaching, holding their hand, salvaging their deals, saving them money, imparting the best tips, and at the end of the day they think I’m their hero.  The real kicker?  It doesn’t cost them anything!  How cool is that?

I am highly approachable, unintimidating and easy to talk to.

I do not take a banker’s approach – there is no typical ‘suit and tie’ staring across a big desk , making you uncomfortable.  In fact, most people think I’m kinda fun.  But, don’t let the personable and easygoing demeanour allow you to think that I am anything but professional.  Articulate, efficient and patient are words that describe me.  When I’m negotiating your rate with the lender, we might even add the terms persistent and gently aggressive.

I feel very strongly that there is so much more to being a spectacular mortgage broker than merely obtaining my clients the best rates. That’s the easy part. Imparting knowledge and sage advice takes more time, effort and a sincere enjoyment of the process.  Asking you the appropriate questions, figuring out your needs and then matching your requirements to the most appropriate lender and product is almost like putting together a puzzle.  I do not offer cookie-cutter mortgages.  They’re all unique, and I do spend time thinking about matching everybody up with the lender, program and options that provide the best fit.

A home purchase is usually one of the biggest investments of your life and a mortgage is typically the largest debt you will ever incur.  There is no such thing as a silly question.  Do you understand the process?  Do you realize the full impact of the choices you are being required to make?  Has the commitment you are signing been explained to your satisfaction?  Or maybe you’ve been doing this forever and you find advice patronizing.  That’s fine too… I have no problem with a wham bam-thank-you-ma’am-mortgage if that’s more your style.  I am very intuitive.

What really makes me different from most brokers is that I don’t just want to hear from you when you need a mortgage.  I prefer a holistic approach that encompasses the before, during and after process.  In fact, it is often ideal when a potential client contacts me as early as six to twelve months before they’re ready for a new mortgage or renewal.  That gives us time to improve your credit, or develop an ‘action plan’ of steps you can take to make your good credit score exceptional.  When I take on a new client I am happy to be the bridge that connects everybody – borrower, realtor, lender, lawyer and insurer. I DO sweat the small stuff. I am detail oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist.  While these traits could be annoying in, say, a room-mate perhaps, they are a huge asset in your mortgage broker.  I don’t leave things to the last minute, lose track of paperwork, miss any deadlines or forget to submit a document.

I have lived in the lower mainland my entire life.

As a local person with roots in the community, I possess a deep understanding of the regional market.  If you think that isn’t relevant to your needs, then consider that at least I won’t get lost when I come to meet with you!

I am a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia, a professional association that seeks to expand the knowledge and relationships of its members beyond the content of the UBC exam requirements by providing ongoing educational and networking opportunities.  Furthermore, members adhere to a Code of Ethics related to our profession that goes above and beyond the already high standard set by our provincial Registrar of Mortgage Brokers.  In addition, I keep up-to-date by subscribing to numerous industry journals and trade publications that I actually read and (gasp!) find interesting.  I possess a great deal of knowledge, but I am never arrogant enough to think that I shouldn’t learn more.  I can always improve.  Accordingly, I take joy in attending as many local events, seminars, and conferences as I can, that are in any way relevant to my profession.

For a lot of people in the service industries, the term Customer Service is a catch-phrase that is over used and under delivered.  It would be my pleasure to show you what it really means.



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