Here are some very helpful mortgage calculators for you to use! These calculators are provided as a guide only, and are intended solely for discussion and informational purposes.

MORE MORTGAGE CALCULATORS Hosted By Other Industry Websites

Mortgage Savings Calculator

The Industry Canada website offers this Mortgage Savings Calculator for you to find out:

  1. If interest rates fall, should you “break” your mortgage and go for the lower rate?
  2. What will you save if you prepay?
  3. What are the costs and savings of a shorter or longer amortization period, or a higher or lower interest rate?

The HST Calculator

Calculates the net tax payable on a newly constructed home based on the start and completion date. This total purchase price can be transferred and used in the New Home Mortgage Calculator.

Payment Subsidy Calculator

Calculates the value of a builder incentive to subsidize monthly mortgage payments for a portion of the term.


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