MBABC Video Creation Contest

I am a member of the mbabc: the mortgage broker association of british columbia, which represents the province’s mortgage industry and has a mandate to support and enhance professionalism and ethical standards.

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They hold an annual conference and trade show, and this year’s two day event is the 25th silver anniversary. The theme is cinematic, so many of the events taking place have a film/movie/cinema subject/motif. A contest was offered to brokers to: ” Post a picture or video of you reenacting your favorite inspirational movie quote. Don’t forget to use the MB logo in your video.”

I had a few ideas, thinking about famous movie lines…. and once I thought of the James Bond lines, I couldn’t resist doing a play on words with ‘bond’, which is an important piece of terminology in our industry. Five year fixed mortgage rates are based on the five year bond market and yields, and any discussion of 5 yr rates and their movement inevitably must involve a discussion of 5 yr bonds.

So here is my creation…… with quite a bit of technical assistance from my son.

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