The Weather and Climate of Vancouver, Canada

vancouver-1656242_640Vancouver is one of those cities that stand out during every season of the year, as it has a unique climate and weather due to its location on the map. When compared to other BC’s coastal areas, it experiences less precipitation and tends to be bombarded by more sunshine.


During the spring, the daily temperature that one can expect in Vancouver is from 12-15° C. Since there is still snow on the mountains, one can still enjoying skiing in the morning and then opt to go sailing in the afternoon. By late April, you will notice a lot of hikers and mountain bikers taking advantage of this season to the maximum.


It is quite warm during the summer in Vancouver. You can expect the temperatures in July and August to reach 22-30° C. By the water, it is a bit cooler. This is due to ocean breezes. You can take advantage of walking, mountain biking, golfing, and hiking during the summer.


The average daily temperature that one can expect in Vancouver in this season is from 6-12° C. The month where it rains the most is November. In this particular month, snow begins to become apparent nearby mountains.


The average daily temperature during this season is 3-7° C. If snow falls, a it does not last for a long time. This season can be very enjoyable if you wear the proper garments.

capilano-suspension-bridge-1393076_640What to Wear During Spring and Summer Seasons

T-shirts, bathing suits, and shorts go hand in hand with spring and summer; although, it is recommended that you utilize pants, wind jackets, and sweaters in the evenings, especially if you are going to be on an elevated ground.

What to Wear During the Autumn and Winter Seasons

During winter and autumn, it is recommended that you wear a waterproof jacket, sweaters, gloves, warm pants, and even to take an umbrella with you.

It’s Always Better to Play It Safe

No matter what the season is, it is recommended that you take with you rubber or hiking boots, especially if you are venturing into the mountains. Other things that you should consider is wind-and-water-resistant wear. It is better to prevent than lament!

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